Wednesday, January 12, 2011

out with the funk

Over the last several months I've been weeding through some foreign to me feelings. I've struggled with a lot of insecurity (which btw is not a foreign feeling, it was just in addition to the other things in a different way than I'm used to) Mostly I've felt weird about sharing my day to day life with a lot of people. And with people who I don't even know I'm sharing with.

Like facebook for example, I had 535 friends. Do I even know 535 people? Well, apparently I know close to that. And I'm sharing my status updates with all these people. As well as my blog posts since it publishes to facebook everytime I post.

So I deleted a bunch of people. Yep, I did. At first I felt bad, but then I realized that it was just ridiculous to have so many people connected to something that I feel is personal. Sure, facebook can be funny and light, but in all truthfulness, I don't even want that stuff being shared with everyone.

I now have 154 friends. That number varies as I do occasionally add or delete other people. But now, I view it as a tool to keep in touch with people I really care to. Not people who I barely know or who I went to kindergarten with. If our friendship didn't make it through kindergarten then it's not gonna make it on facebook :P Really, you might be a wonderful person and you are probably someone else's best friend. But you're not mine. That sounds mean, but if you actually think about it, you aren't everyone's best friend either.

Anyways, all that to say, I've hesitated posting much at all about my current life. Sure I've said stuff about the obvious but for the most part it's been kept private.

So now, I want to share a little piece of my life with the blog-o-sphere that is very special to me. As you may have read in my Christmas letter I started nannying for a little 4 month old baby named Robbie in September. I swear, everytime I say I'm not gonna nanny again another one comes along and I'm just such a sucker I always say yes!

I am so glad I said yes to this little guy. He has been an absolute joy to watch and I'm so thankful for such a great family to work for :)

He's not 4 months old anymore! Obviously ;)

He's actually 8 months and it's just amazing to me how quickly babies change in the first year. It seems like every day there is something new.

times 2
He tends to be very serious. Not to say that he doesn't laugh and giggle, but it's almost like he takes the world in for everything it is. He is always looking around scopin out the land and figuring things out. Sometimes I think he's really an old man in a baby body.

But he's learning that his actions make others laugh more recently and it's so funny to see him do things to make me laugh! Like for example, the other day I went to get him after his nap, which happened to be pretty short. I hoped that he would go back to sleep if I put his nuk back in, but no such luck. He shook his head back and forth to avoid the nuk and at first I was annoyed, but then I laughed. And when I did, he stopped and looked at me and started laughing too.

So he got his way because of his charm... oh boy ;)



This is pretty much the extent of him holding his own bottle. On the one hand, it would be nice if he would hold it himself, and I know he knows how to because he would do it when he was only 4 months! But he just likes it to be held for him :) Now I'm not there for every bottle so it may get annoying after awhile, but I quite like to feed him and I don't mind holding his bottle at all :)

In fact, this is how we do lunch time most days. Like I said earlier, he likes to look around, so facing away like this with his hiney on my knees is the preferred eating method ;)

It's all silly little things, but they make me so happy. He is a huge part of making my life enjoyable right now, I can only imagine how boring my life would be without him.

So now that I feel as though I'm on the other side of my funk I'll probably be posting more about Robbie and other things like that. And seriously, who doesn't want to see more pictures of this adorable face? ;)


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G. January 12, 2011 at 6:27 PM  

I have contemplated deleting people on fb too. You may have inspired me to do so. :) Robbie is adorable! :)

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