Saturday, January 8, 2011

touring the apartment (bedroom edition)

I've been meaning to post more pictures of my apartment since the last time when I showed you the kitchen but something always got in the way. It was either a mess or not organized enough blabbity bla bla bla. Well, I realized it's never going to be perfect and even if I pretended it was it wouldn't be fair to anyone since I don't want to give them impression of "having altogether" because lord knows that's not true.

The other day my bedroom was pretty clean. OK who am I kidding, it was spectacular compared to the way it usually is. I always find such satisfaction in having my bed made and back when we first got married it got made almost daily... now, notsomuch. I'm trying to change that though, because for some reason, when the bed is made, I feel so much more at peace! Weird, I know.

So here is the view of the bedroom from the doorway walking in. To the right not pictured are two dressers side by side, one Steve's, one mine. For the first 2 months of our marriage I had no dresser at all... leaving all my clothes in laundry baskets and strewn about the room. I'm terrible at hanging up my clothes though and putting them away so I'm trying to be better about that, because again, it makes me feel more peaceful when it's all put away :)

Then here we have the adjacent view where you can see our "headboard" which I just love. We just have a standard bedframe that came with the bed and when we received that painting as a wedding gift I saw it above the bed right away! For the time being that will be its purpose, but I love that painting so much it may end up in a new place someday as I have lots of other ideas for headboards ;) I just have to get my craft on, and let me tell you, that doesn't happen often lol.

Also, I'm sure you noticed the array of pictures we have on the far wall there. I just love it, but there is a piece missing. It's not really the way I wanted it when I designed it to begin with. I have these shelves that are different lengths that hold knick knacky type stuff that I originally intended to go between and under or over certain pictures, but being that the walls in here are plaster, they just weren't holding.

So the gaps remain, and it's not so noticeable if you are just looking, but to me it's still a work in progress... that will not be completed until we live somewhere else. At any rate, I'm very happy that I have so many beautiful wedding and engagement pictures thanks to Rachel and Andrea.

The big square picture in the center is some scrapbook paper that I pieced together to fit in there, but my original intent was to do a 9 frame square arrangement like this. I've wanted to do this since I saw her wall 2 1/2 years ago! However, due to the fact that it's a very expensive project to complete and I didn't have any real solid place to carry it out, I have put it on hold... and I only have one 20x20 frame... I need 8 more. And ikea stopped selling those frames last year. Good thing other places do finally, but I love idea and I always stocked up on the clip frames when I was there. I have a bajillion and I love them :)

Anyways, so there's the bedroom. Next room (not like there's a lot to choose from lol!) maybe the living room. It's really boring, so I don't know, but in all reality it would be nice to have pictures of the place we first lived :) And I didn't take pictures of my last apartment, which I already regret. So I will probably end up doing it. Then we're on to the second bedroom/office. it's a disaster area. But I have incentive to clean up more because one of my Christmas presents was a new monitor! So now I have to clear up space on my desk for the 2nd monitor and I will feel all cool sitting in front of my two monitors. err, or something like that ;)


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Keri January 8, 2011 at 8:08 PM  

I love the color! It's similar to our bedroom I think. And the piece of art above the bed is really beautiful!

Be sure to take tons of pictures of that apartment- even if you hate it! Luckily I have plenty from every place Jason and I have lived in and we have such a fun time looking back and reliving memories now. Somehow, even the really gross parts of all the places we've lived get us laughing now :) I cant imagine what it will be like going back through our albums when we've been married 50 years!

Keri January 8, 2011 at 8:09 PM  

Oh! And PS- take pictures of the bathrooms too. I cannot for the life of me remember what the bathroom looked like in our first apartment. Jason cant either, lol. Isn't that weird?

Molly @ Star Cottage January 24, 2011 at 3:07 PM  

Love it!

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