Thursday, January 13, 2011

turn into the skid

Us northerners have this thing that most southerners fear with immense fortitude. It's called SNOW.


Every year the seasons cycle their full gamut of weather. We have sun, rain, snow, heat, sub-zero, humidity, slush, hail you name it. Have you ever heard anyone complain about too many sunny days? Well, here we should be thankful to have such variety...

That's just me trying to make myself feel better.

At any rate, the purpose here is to talk about the crazy and unpredictablity of driving in super snowy conditions. Normally I'm not one to not go out in the snow. It's gotta be really bad. I mean reeeeaallly BAD before I say uncle.

For example, a few years ago it was the beginning of January. There were only a few days before classes started at the community college I was attending. I had no clue how to find my way around the school and was just petrified that I was going to be wandering around aimlessly and embarassed that I had no clue where I was going. So my younger brother who had already been there a semester longer than me said he would take me around and show me where each of my classes would be.

However, it snowed so much that night that there was about 6 inches on the main roads. They tried to plow but it didn't matter, it was just snowing that much. But we went anyways. In my parent's old '91 Caprice with the snow tires, nothin was stoppin that bad boy.

That was pretty extreme and most definitely not advisable, but still, my point is that I usually just drive. I don't care.

My observation this year has been something new however. I found that the first snowfall incites this sort of panic among the locals though they have been experiencing crazy snow for years. Have you ever seen the movie "10 Things I Hate About You"? There is a phrase Cat says referring to driving skills that runs through my mind as I see moron after moron spun out on the side of the basically clear roads that involves removing your head from a certain body part.

Yes, I'm a meanie head. I'm cynical when it comes to driving dumb. However, I was straightened out a couple weeks ago when I had a near deadly mishap. Since then I've calmed down a little and learned a few things about how I can drive better to avoid a second occurrence and also on how to handle my car.

It is my belief that most people end up in ditches because they are either distracted, inattentive drivers who haven't been scared enough yet to get it together or they don't know how to drive their vehicle properly.

Clearly I am stating some very harsh opinions that I will not apologize for. I wish that everyone would learn to drive from someone like my dad who worked for 35 years at UPS earning continuous safe driving awards. It's because he was very conscientious about his driving and learning always how to do things better.

I understand also that accidents are called accidents because noone means to drive their car in a ditch or rear end someone or pull out into oncoming traffic, but that word does not satisfy the need for careful drivers.

So my request to all drivers out there, whether it's snow or rain or slush or honestly just plain good weather, please keep your eyes on the road and your mind engaged!

Love to all :) That's my way of showing insecurity for expressing such opinions!


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