Friday, November 2, 2007

but my lips hurt real bad

Yesterday I was sitting in my drawing class working on my color wheel. I love drawing class. It is relaxing and it is 3 hours long 2 days a week... it's almost like mandatory relaxation time. At any rate, most days I bring in my headphones and listen to my mp3 while i draw. I usually only have one ear bud in in the event that interesting conversation arises that is worth listening in on. When this happens, if i do not care to actually participate in the convo, i will just pull the ear bud slightly out of my ear so that i can hear everything being said, but still look like i'm listening to music... sneaky sneaky.

Back to yesterday. I forgot to bring my headphones to class so i got my entertainment from the two guys who sit behind me. Their back and forths are often hilarious and comment interjections are compulsory. i feel the need far too often to whip around and add my two cents. I was definitely trying to complete the task at hand, but when I heard this statement I could not help but join in. "my lips are so dry, i just quit chapstick cold turkey."

I am a chapstick addict. I'll admit it. So as something that I could relate to, I turned around and we began to talk about this horrible addiction that takes you by surprise so quickly and rarely will let go of you. I haven't been able to quit chapstick for at least 2 years. Somedays I can go without and feel completely fine, but that's usually during the summer. As the weather gets drier, so do my lips. As we continued on this topic, my lips began to feel dry. Very, very dry. I was resisting the urge to whip out my own personal chapstick that i had in my pocket and begin liberally applying it. It was almost more than i could take!

But here's a funny story about chapstick and the addiction that lies within. Two winters ago I would drive to MCC with my brother every mwf morning. to save on gas of course. We pulled out of the driveway and not a tenth of a mile away, i realized i had forgotten my chapstick. if we turned around we would be even later as we were already running a few minutes behind schedule. So i asked him if i could borrow his chapstick, because my lips hurt real bad. his response was negatory, as i had recently sabotaged one of his sticks. I think he had dared me to bite it or lick it or something, and calling his bluff, i did. Therefore, he was absolutely unwilling to allow me near his chapstick. In fact, he claimed that he had forgotten his as well. (but i knew he was lying) Well, when my classes were over THREE HOURS LATER i raced to the store and bought chapstick and smeared it all over my lips which i was sure were only minutes away from falling off my face. I returned to the school to pick Dan up, and sitting down in the car, pulls out his chapstick and starts applying! i freaked out on him of course. he seriously endangered the safety of my lips that day!

Anyways, I have no idea how to kick this habit, and i would like to find the group on facebook for chapstick addicts. i would join in a second.

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Amy Jo November 6, 2008 at 10:34 AM  

Oh, I'll join you in a chapstick addicts support group! Love that stuff, and I think my little 3 year old might becoming addicted as well. His poor little lips are so dry this fall! My favorite kind is the pepermint or medicated version. I HATE the cherry one. It does nothing for me. Ok, I'm going to dig it out of my purse for an application right now.

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