Wednesday, November 14, 2007

two in one day!

I didn't have a chance to put these up last night, but thanks to my pounding headache I was able to leave class early leaving me time to do the things i would rather be doing anyways... minus the pain

First we went to pittsford and fed the ducks on the canal

It was only slightly exciting

Then we went to Mendon ponds and walked the birdsong trail with black sunflower seeds to feed the chickadees.

A was the first to have a birdy land in his hand... and it totally freaked him out. Notice in the next few pictures that he is wearing gloves so that "that bird won't scratch me!"

S was the most stoic and quiet of them all... and it paid off quite a few times :)

C had a lot also!

I warned them that there was the possibility that we might not have any birds coming near us because of A's random and adorable outbursts, so the word for the day was "shhhh..." and if you look you can see that sound formed on C's lips :)

remember last week i said that I wanted to have a fall picnic? well i got it, and this was the picture to prove it!

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