Friday, November 16, 2007

what Thanksgiving means to me

I feel like i have totally skipped the excitement of Thanksgiving. So I am going to take some time to make a tribute to the feast we enjoy once a year that we affectionately refer to as Thanksgiving.

Reasons why I love Thanksgiving

> it marks the official beginning of the Christmas season
> we remember our heritage
> we give thanks to God for the freedom that we have
> turkey and mashed potatoes
> many days of leftovers
> time with family
> it's the day before black friday
> a break from school... and a little bit from life too :)
> turkey comas
> Macy's Thanksgiving day parade
> the house if filled with a cooking turkey smell when i wake up (i haven't graduated high
enough in life to have to get up early and cook the turkey, my mom still does that :)

In short, I really do love Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful time with family, and always makes me feel like the holidays have officially begun. The house starts to feel warmer especially when there is a fire in the fireplace... well duh, that would make sense. but i mean warmer in spirit as well. The holidays are a good time to remember the good times, and the reasons why we are alive... why we have our family and how much they mean to us. For me, the Thanksgiving, and the entire holiday season helps me to let go of the things i have been holding on to, look at everything around me and thank God for the life and family that he has given me.

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