Sunday, November 25, 2007


this was my first breakfast at the hotel... they have a huge buffet of about 20 different kinds of fruit, an egg bar, any kind of pastry you could want... like 8 different types of fruit juices... it's ridiculous, seriously... but i'm not complaining!!!

We rode a train to the top of Corcovado which is where the Christ statue is. They statue is facing the harbor where all of the ships come in and was built that way so that they would be welcomed and blessed as they came on land.

still on Corcovado... look at those boys!

I took pictures of these pictures at the botanical gardens right in Rio de Janeiro... this one was in the orchid room

don't know what this is, but they looked like crab claws

palm trees... duh?


these are the islands that i posted before, said i wanted to find out what they are called. they are called the Garca family islands. And as they are marked, that's what part of the family they are. The mother is on the beach watching the baby and the children play while the dad is laying down in the sand. Then way off in the distance is the mother in law :)

i am pointing to the islands in this one, but i kind of cut them off. This pic was taken at the top of sugarloaf mountain.

on top of sugarloaf mountain we could see everything. Behind me you can see the Copacabana beach

this was the only picture that i could squeeze out of deb voluntarily

have to have crazy pictures!

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