Wednesday, November 28, 2007

more pictures!

I'm having some trouble getting the rest of the pictures i really wanted to put up here, so i thought i would just go ahead and post what i have and then the rest when i get them. you know, the goofy ones, that i have deb take for me... such as me sunning myself on a rock like a lizard and the like. they'll come soon :)

All of these pics were taken at the resort we are staying at right now. It is called Ponta dos Ganchos. it's really really beautiful...

This is amanda "pre-burnt" I thought I did a really good job with the sunscreen, but evidently not good enough, and I'm now paying the price! you can't have sunblock too strong down here, I had on 50 and still had problems.

my lovely view


this is the front of our bungalo, I'll maybe put pics of the inside later

does anyone know what kind of flower this is?

I just LOVE hibiscus!

this is the island right across from the beach

and the bridge that leads over to it. But the water is shallow enough that you can just walk over in the water

the other side of the beachview

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