Saturday, November 24, 2007

definitely in brazil

Snow and ice decided to make its official debut in upstate NY on Thanksgiving day as you know well. But it was indeed the day I was to leave for Brazil. Our flight was delayed about 45 minutes out of rochester, and we made it to dulles with about 35 minutes to get on our connecting flight. We made it in plenty of time and then began the long plane ride to Rio de Janiero. We arrived here at about 9:30am local time and were picked up by our tour guide who we found out is our personal guide. When we go on the tours up to sugarloaf and corcovado where the statue of Christ is we will be the only two people in our group. It seriously couldn't be more ideal. I wanted to post a couple pics tonight quickly, but will have more nice ones later on as we haven't done any real sight-seeing just yet.

This was our first sighting of the statue of Jesus on the mountain.

This is a nice pic of the beach we drove past today... I especially liked the islands out in the water... I thought they were really pretty.

Another pic of the beach and those islands... maybe i should find out what they are called!
This is the view from our balcony at our suite.

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