Friday, December 14, 2007

the adventures of elmo in grouchland

I only have one final left and it's on saturday. I'm really not worried about it... therefore in my mind school is over. I am so relieved! The stress is literally draining from my body :) however, all that draining is leaving me excessively tired. thank God i don't feel sick anymore, but i am just wiped out.

So this morning i was watching dragon tales (which i hate by the way, but A loves it) and he just looked up at me and said, "manna, you not feelin good?" I replied and said that i feel just fine but i'm kinda tired. So he hopped down and ran up to his room and got me his special car blanky and told me, "lay down and take nap manna."

Great idea! I turned on the adventures of elmo in grouchland which is one of the newest favorites he has and i laid down. Granted he was crawling all over me the entire time i snoozed, but if he hadn't been i wouldn't have been able to get any rest because i would have been worrying about what he was doing! I actually dozed for an hour and i feel so much happier now!!! yay for 3 year old encouraged naps :)

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