Friday, December 28, 2007

i *LOVE* them

This is the first year i have really gotten gift cards for Christmas... my personal feeling about giving them has always been that they are sort of a cop-out, but since receiving them, i am a changed person.

I have received $20 in starbucks cards, which have been almost used up... !

I got a $25 check that can be interpreted as a gift card... i like the way that sounds.

and then last night I got a $25 gift card for Kohls.

I really love that store. So tonight I went in and planned on buying something that I didn't currently have the funds for that would be totally just for fun. Well i walked around for some time, and finally stumbled across the photo section. I am headed to melissa's tomorrow for a scrapbooking day and as I went to look for a new scrapbook to start the other day i realized that I didn't have one! imagine that. with all the stuff i *DO* have, I don't have an actual scrapbook to start with! So i ended up buying two tonight and I just love them. They are perfect, pretty much what i have been waiting for :)

I had a really great idea for scrapbooking too, and that is to take the things that I have written in my blog and use them for words in the book. As much of a procrastinator as i can be, I really do enjoy blogging, so this is a perfect way to "catch up" on all the months that i have neglected my pictures...

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