Thursday, December 13, 2007

more chocolate problems

As per the post before last, I was hoping to be done with topics having to do with any kind of chocolate specifically chocolate phones. However, I am not psychic and cannot see into the future. What happened between yesterday and today is so far fetched that if i had not literally seen it with my own two eyes i would not have believed it.

(as a disclaimer, I am starting to feel alicia's pain... and am actually starting to believe the WILD stories she tells me about her phone troubles)

It all started last night. I was online doing my banking and noticed that one of my savings account had a significant amount missing from it. I opened the account and found that verizon wireless had made a $296.02 e-check withdrawl from my account. here are the preliminary things that ran through my mind.

1) how can an e-check be withdrawn from a savings account

2) how did verizon get this account # when I am not an authorized user on our verizon acct

3) the total of $296.02 was over $150 off from what our bill that was already paid for last month was!!!

so i went through all the necessary channels to begin the process of straightening this whole thing out but the very soonest it will be resolved at this point is monday. it's a good thing i wasn't counting on that particular money for anything in the near future.

OK, so onto my other problem. At about 2:35 this afternoon my phone ceased to make outgoing calls. I have no idea whether or not it was receiving calls because, as you might have guessed at this point IT WASN'T WORKING.

So I decided to power it down and then back on again. when it powered on, it flashed a screen about "full system reset do not power off". When it finally powered up it read on the main screen read "service required" and a little picture of a phone with a slash through it.


the entire phone was stripped clean... no more contacts, no more pictures, no more settings... literally everything was reset to factory settings and to top it all off, it had NO SERVICE.

So, again, I am back on the good ole standby... i switched back to the old phone until i can get into verizon and get this whole thing straightened out. There actually is more to this drama, but i don't want to write/relive the whole thing, and even more than that, i know that you don't want to read about it.

melissa told me today that i always have the greatest stories to tell... is that because the craziest stuff actually happens to me or because i am a dramatist. neither. i like to think that my life is just naturally exciting, and not let things that feel truly out of control ever actually GET out of control.

THAT'S the key.

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