Sunday, December 2, 2007

CAUTION: self-reflection ahead

Well, I'm home now. and i have been so warmly welcomed by this lovely arctic weather... maybe warmly wasn't the right word...

however, i am really glad to be home. traveling is so much fun, but i realize that honestly there is never truly another place like your home. as much as i complain about the weather here, and the different problems that living in upstate ny present, i truly love my home. and i love my family!

I am feeling compelled to write this because the last two days i have been feeling anything but loving. I have been feeling like a downright angry person. I have been driving around getting mad at other cars and when talking to people feeling like i just want to scream because nobody is listening to me. I'm being completely irrational, so I have decided that I need to recognize this and then move away from it. So here i am...

recognizing it

... moving on.

Ok, I'm done with that subject

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