Wednesday, December 12, 2007

stress induced artwork

The beginning of this week and all of last week are going down in my personal history chronicles as one of the most stressful weeks of my life. i really didn't think that i was all that stressed out. I don't usually get cranky so much, I just exhibit physical symptoms of stress... therefore i don't realize how bad it is until something really traumatic happens to me!

For example, this summer as a result of many stressful situations I started losing my hair... thus the reason i now have short hair. But this time I have contracted the weirdest cold/virus i have ever had. I don't feel sick in my body like all day, then all of a sudden it hits me like a load of bricks and my throat swells up to the size of a pencil and i am so tired i start getting vertigo. and then i take a little snoozer and am good for another few hours. and it's not that i'm not getting any sleep, because i definitely am.

But at any rate, I am coming out the other side of this stress and I am starting to feel really great... not physically, but emotionally. I have been in this great drawing class all semester and I wanted to post my two points of pride and joy for everyone to see. These two pieces almost make this stress bearable :)

the leaf one was done all with soft pastels and then the black and white one is with india ink... they make me happy

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