Monday, September 15, 2008

when molehills become mountains

Last night there was a CRAZY storm. It was seriously hurricane type weather. And while i'm not accustomed to hurricanes being that i live in UPSTATE NY! I was very surprised by the severity and magnitude of this psycho storm.

Yesterday was an inordinarily hot/humid day. Especially considering just last week I was wearing a hoodie again and sleeping with all my blankets on.

It was so hot when I went to bed that I slept on top of the made-bed fluffiness and used a light blanket to just drape over my bottom half

I was probably asleep by 1030 or 11 and around midnight woke up because the branches of the tree outside my window were hitting the garage so violently I was seriously scared.

Huge crashes and whacks were occurring at what seemed to be 5 feet from my bed.

It was about this time that Alicia came up to go to sleep as well and as she climbed into the loft I simply said,

"What the heck is this storm all about?!?!"

To which she replied by telling me how the tree outside my window is swaying back and forth in a very precarious manner.

I then said,

"Well go ahead and rest easy now... good and faaaaaar away from the window. I'm gonna be the one to go first if anything happens."

She laughed... but I was dead serious. I thought that tree was going to crash through my window and an enormous shard of glass was going to puncture one of my vital organs!

My fitful sleep was again disturbed shortly thereafter by the fact that the power was out.

Wanna know why that would make me wake up? Because my friends, I had successfully created an outline of my body on my bed with my own sweat.

The fan had gone off.

Then I was thanking God that the wind was blowing so hard, for surely, if the tree and glass hadn't killed me, then the heat certainly would have.

As it turned out, I ended up even having to close the window because the noise was soooo dang loud, I figured I would rather die in my sleep from heat exhaustion than risk not sleeping one more minute (at least i would die peacefully that way)

Anyways, I am still alive (obviously) and there are only branches strewn about the yard. There's actually a tree split down the middle here at the house I work in, but other than that...

Man, I would not bode well in hurricane lane... no, no i would not.

It's true about what they say though... molehills seriously do become mountains at night!


2 extraordinary comments:

Mamasphere September 16, 2008 at 3:04 PM  

We used to have rains/wind storms like that when I was growing up in Oregon. The sounds are enough to keep you up all night, let alone the thought of a tree branch breaking through the window! Glad you made it through!

Sgt and Mrs Hub September 18, 2008 at 3:49 PM  

Yikes!!! I don't do so well during nighttime storms. I always curl up as close as I can to Daniel and hide my head in his chest.

I'm a wimp. I freely admit it. :)

Glad no enormous shards of glass punctured your vital organs... That would have been very sad, indeed.


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