Monday, August 10, 2009

family reunion part 1

Saturday marked the first of an almost week long family reunion.

We drove out to Conewango Valley to reunite with my mom's side of the family. More specifically, the great grandparents descendants... meaning, lots and lots of people I really don't know that well :)

Family reunions are (usually) a good time, and this one definitely was. It was good to sit and talk with some of my cousins I haven't seen or talked to since the last family reunion a couple years ago.

halo is tired

This is in fact one of my nieces, Halo. A couple of the younger cousins ran her around the perimeter of the enormous property my uncle (or maybe he's my cousin?) owns. Probably about 2 miles after the second lap... she was kinda pooped.

Big Al

I so wish I could find tractors like "big al" for some shoots. Seriously, how cool would that be?


We did a lot of this, and also a new game called nuke em, which I liked a lot.

Then yesterday, we had my dad's side of the family at our house for another get-together... we had so much fun seeing everyone and playing tether-ball, nuke em and a little volleyball. Also, they played, let's make sure Aunt Amanda gets thrown in the pool with all her clothes on...


But back to Saturday, this is a picture of my generation. And hey guess what? I'm the youngest! yayayaya! Well if dan had been there, he would have been... but I'll take what I can get :)


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Stefanie August 11, 2009 at 8:39 AM  

We have one of those huge crazy descendants of somebody 4 generations (from us) reunions with the husband's mom's side of the family. I've been going with him since we were dating for 1 month, literally, our one month dating anniversary was at her reunion! It's been 5 years of annual reunions and I still don't know half of them or how they're related to us!

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