Thursday, August 6, 2009

YoungLife 5K

Last night was the annual YoungLife 5K in Honeoye Falls. A good friend of mine, Sean, is the staff intern for this chapter and asked me to come and take some pictures.

So take pictures I/we did. One of my girls from cadre last year, Allison, came to help me out. She just got a brand new Nikon d5000 a couple months ago and this was a great chance for both of us to practice our event photography. She also happens to be the cover of my new brochure, check it out!


Here they are at the starting line. I was amazed at how many young kids there were. The youngest one I talked to was only 7 years old! I guess since I've never stepped into the world of races myself, there is still something very intimidating about it. But to see such a little girl give it her all really inspires me.

I was glad to find a couple people there that I knew... one in particular was Dara. I was able to get a couple shots of her crossing the finish line, but this next one i thought was super cool.


Getting there right after 6 gave me a good idea what the light is going to be like next week for my 6pm family shoot. And oh, was it lovely! I love shooting at this time of day.


So many possibilities and ways to work with it! I will only need about a bajillion more shots like this before my craving for shooting into the sun is satiated...

It was such a great day for a race. Not too humid, late enough in the day that it wasn't too hot. Seriously, fantabulous.

And, no, I have not forgotten about my desire to do a 5K myself. I'm actually working very hard right now to change some bad habits that I've gotten into in regards to running. So far my plan is working and by the end of the month I should be running 2 miles without stopping... May sound crazy to some of you who are runners, but the way I started out, I had to take my breaks. I'm finally at a point where I really don't have need to stop. So I just have to work through it in my head and push through... once I break the 2 mile mark, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to keep going further... just a matter of making up my mind before I set out at this point!


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