Sunday, August 16, 2009

family reunion part 3

Today is the day.

What, I don't sound excited?

Let me try again...

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

as soon as church is over today, we will be on the road on our way to Wilmington for almost a week of freakhogstupendousnessfesting! That word is what the name of this vacation has come to be known by in case you were wondering...

Anyways, it turns out I will have my computer with me... although I'm not sure how much I'll be on it. It would be nice to get some live updates and pictures, but honestly, it's time consuming! Especially on my laptop... my workflow isn't nearly as nice as I have it set up in my office.

Looking back a couple days, our last day with my brother Jay's family was spent at Stonybrook. When we arrived at the park, the water temperature was posted at 58 degrees. I don't really care how hot it is outside, 58 degree water is not my idea of a good time. So when we all decided to hike up the gorge, I was more than happy to leave behind the frigid water and begin!

under the falls

Somehow, the water wasn't as cold upstream... or maybe it's just that sitting under a waterfall is way cooler than dunking yourself in an arctic pool. I can do that in my own backyard thankyouverymuch.

Thanks to my brother Jay, and my niece Raelynn for all the pictures in this post. I took a bunch as well, but I always like when I'm actually in the pictures :D

In the falls picture from left to right is my niece Natalie, me, my brother Dan.

Jay and Amanda

This kinda stuff is soooo worth getting wet in super cold water and almost killing yourself on slippery rocks... after this adventure, and realizing just how much I enjoyed it and would like to do more hiking like this, I invested in a pair of super fantabulous water shoes obtained by my brother as he works at EMS and got them on clearance for me!


It became even clearer to me that my family is bent toward photography with each shot I went through. Like I said earlier, Jay took the first and last in the post, Raelynn took the middle shot.

There were a lot of shots like this last one from Jay, and it just goes to show ya that the eye is more important than anything! Everything else can be learned... at least that's what I think ;)

Although the family reunion is coming to a close, we will always have the memories made and shared this last week. I'm excited to get on the road this afternoon and begin making new ones!


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Debbie August 22, 2009 at 7:26 PM  

YOU are extraordinary! :)

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