Tuesday, August 11, 2009

family reunion part 2

Like I said, Sunday was fun.

Hangin' out at the house, with lots of family, a few friends and some crazy dogs running around. But what it all boils down to with family reunions in the summertime is going to the lake! Yes, it's true, we do have some water in upstate NY and sometimes if you're lucky, you might find a decent beach.

Yesterday was one of those days. On our way down to Conesus I realized I hadn't brought sunscreen, and while I'm a little tan just from bein out a lot this summer, my legs are blindingly white still. Giving those full-on sun exposure at midday would surely end up in disaster. When we got to the lake, I was going to put some on right away, but got carried away and jumped right into the boat. I kinda figured it would be the only chance I'd have to do anything fun in the water before all the kids came out. In my excitement, I totally forgot to get the sunscreen and consequently got some nice color. But not too much :) I kept a towel on my lap so I wouldn't totally fry... buuut... I usually look at people who have sunburns and think, "man, what a loser, don't they know they can prevent that?" haha, look where that gets me ;)

4 altogether

What was so cool about going out was that it was just the four of us. Honestly, I don't remember a time where the 4 of us siblings have done something together... meaning, just us and noone else. It was pretty cool.

And you would think, because I'm like a little obsessed with taking pictures and all, that I would have a nice picture of the four of us... but no. Somehow, it never happens, and this picture above is as close as it will probably ever get.


big bro, little sis

My big brother Rob and I. This is where it's at. The front of the boat, wide open and good company... ahhhhhh :)

Today is just a real relaxing day. My brother Rob and sis-in-law Dyan left a little while ago to go back home to MD, leaving their hooligans here for another week ;) My brother Jay and his whole family will be here until Saturday.


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