Thursday, August 13, 2009

a post is a post is a post

Today was such a long day... I have taken so many pictures, yet I have zero energy to put any of them up.

I started out with a run at 7:30 followed by some mass chaos as the 12 people in my house currently readied themselves for a family photoshoot. We took almost 2 hours to complete everything and everyone, and although I have yet to even look at them, I am sure they came out great :)

Afterwards, I headed out to Seneca Falls with my friend Nicole. We took pictures to document pretty much the biggest auction in NY state. A friend of mine referred me to one of the owners of the auctioneering company and I was hired to get shots for them to use for promotional pieces. It was a hot, intense and totally fun day!

Tomorrow we are going to letchworth for awhile. And Saturday will be spent packing for the beach! I'm leaving Sunday for North Carolina with Alicia and my brother Dan. There will be tons o pictures from that, but although I promised to blog once a day for a month, I failed to remember this vacation in there. Consequently, I will most likely not be blogging at all down there as I'm pretty sure I'm not even taking a computer.


I am really looking forward to that actually :)

Tomorrow I will put up a sneak peek at some of our family pics + some of the great stuff we got at the auction.


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