Friday, August 7, 2009

pools and kiddos... again

A couple months ago, when I finished my job as a nanny, I had every intention of putting pictures of them up and writing some sappy post that would make me cry at just the thought of it. But I never did.

Not that I didn't have the pictures... not that I didn't have the words.

The truth is, I was just too sad about it at the time. And the less time I had to think about it, the better I was.

However, it's been a couple months since then and I'm doing much better. It's so much easier now to look back and remember the good times... and those sad feelings are fading more and more each day.

Last Sunday they all came over to go swimming and we all had so much fun I had them over again today.


When I was little I used to do the jumping into stacked up tubes thing, like Claudia is doing here... and for some reason, although I can't recall the memory explicitly, I feel like I had some sort of head-smacking-on-the-side-of-the-pool-or-deck accident doing that...


Also, in case you ever wondered why photographers don't like to shoot at high noon, let these pictures serve as a classic example. They are blown out and I had to work pretty hard to get them to even look like this. I mean, there's things you can do... but seriously... let's just shoot later on, k?


Tomorrow I'm going to be going down to the name of some valley I can neither pronounce or spell for my big family reunion. Before that though, I have a shoot in honeoye falls! In the morning... when the light is nice :)


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