Tuesday, July 1, 2008

dessert plus nothing

Every summer we do this at least once.

We eat strawberry shortcake for dinner plus nothing. It's such a great little tradition that has worked its way into our family.

Usually this day coincides with the day that we go strawberry picking. I hate picking strawberries, so since I'm a bit of a picture taker, I have a great excuse to go but not actually pick them :)

oh how I love to hide behind this camera... stooping over and picking berries... not so much. However, as fate would have it, my battery died within about 10 minutes of arrival so I was forced to bend over and do some picking... how I loathe thee

Usually it's best to clean off your strawberry before you eat it... what better to do that with than your shirt?

It's a delicate process you know, scrubbing all the dirt off your strawberry with minimal smashing involved... does this make me a horrible nanny?!?!

Finally ready to eat. I was actually impressed with the amount of strawberry that wasn't on his shirt...

Once a satisfactory amount of berries have been consumed, what else is there for a 3 year old to do in a strawberry patch? Oh yes, I forgot. Throwing rocks. I actually did tell him to stop this, but he still managed to find a few to hurl across the rows.

Cleaning and hulling... ahh yes, another long time favorite thing to do... good thing as soon as I got home i recharged my trusty rusty battery and I left the work to my mom...

Actually, I'm not that opposed to cleaning berries. I find it pretty relaxing... but taking pictures is better :)

mmm... here we go... a little shortcake, some smashed up strawberries, a little ice cream topped off with a bit of whipped cream... a nice little dish of tasty dessert --

(insert record scratching noise here)

WAIT A MINUTE! that's NOT the way it's done!

This ladies and gentlemen is a more appropriate picture of how "real" strawberry shortcake should look before consumption. Please, upgrade to a larger bowl than necessary and when you think you have enough of something, add more.

As a side note I will confess that I did not adhere to these rules of eating SS. I ate a moderate amount and was put to shame by my brother's attempt to gain a world record for largest amount of SS consumed in one sitting... I'm pathetic


2 extraordinary comments:

Anonymous July 1, 2008 at 6:14 PM  

Awe, yes!! Strawberry shortcake is the best dessert in summer!!! I love it!!
Great Pictures!!!

emily July 1, 2008 at 11:26 PM  

i LOVE picking strawberries!!!! :)

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