Thursday, July 10, 2008

stuff about me *times* 50 (autopost)

1) I love to travel
2) i've only been to 5 countries...
3) so far
4) I am a fanatical picture taker
5) it makes me feel more alive
6) I don't always brush my teeth at night...
7) I use toilet paper to blow my nose sometimes
8) i like lists
9) but I don't like making them
10)i love to eat pomegranites
11) but they are out of season since I discovered them
12) i don't always capitalize...
13) and I do that on purpose
14) i'm very analytical
15) and I think about too many things that i shouldn't
16) but somehow coming up with this kind of thing isn't as easy as I think it is
17) i learned how to military time
18) when i worked at ADT for a year
19) i love music
20) lots of different kinds...
21) it keeps things interesting
22) that's why i like ipods... or mp3 or what have you
23) sometimes i think there is such a thing as music ADD
24) you know what i'm talking about...
25) when you go from song to song and don't find but one out of every 20 that you might just listen to all the way through
26) i prefer internet explorer to mozilla
27and I have no good reason for it
28) i always want to make new things
29) but my ideas get so mashed together it's hard to figure out which thing i want to do first!
30) i love to bake
31) but rarely have time these days...
32) i'm trying to learn how to live healthier
33) without exercising :)
34) I love my family
35) but sometimes I don't like them
36) I don't like roller coasters
37) they make me feel like I might simultaneously throw up and pee my pants at the same time
38) I love when people tell me i'll have no problem finding someone to marry
39) but hate that they're already married and have nothing to worry about!
40) i don't understand politics
41) but i try to stay in tune with important stuff
42) I like the number 15
43) maybe because I liked being 15...
44) it was my favorite year
45) i like the way jewelry looks
46) but usually don't wear it myself because it makes be uncomfortable
47) I like LOVE thunder and lightning storms
48) i wish that i didn't have to actually budget my time as much as i do
49) when I sleep i like the air to have a slight chill
50) that way I can burrow

should I keep going?


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Melissa July 10, 2008 at 7:10 AM  


well, thanks for that!!! lol

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