Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty! (autopost)

I'm here baby! You can't get rid of me that easily now can you? I was just thinking about all the things I'll miss (but probably won't have time to miss!) while I'm down here in the land of sun... you know the one, that planet that we see in NY only 30 days a year? You remember it don't you?

Anyways, to the point of the post. I have two little kitties that I am missing a lot. They are good little cats. Here i'll tell you a little more about them.

Carina came to live with us the fall of 2001. She was a present to me because we were going through a rough time in our family and my mom thought that she would help me to be happier. Well she did. I took her with me everywhere for the first 5 or 6 weeks that I had her. She went to school with me and stayed in my car (I had a little litter pan for her and food and water... i wasn't like evil or anything, besides I think she actually liked it)

I even took her to see Monsters Inc at the movies one night. That was really hilarious. I was with a group of about 10 or 12 people and she was sleeping (like kittens do) so i put her in the front pocket of my hoodie and carried it over my arm. Noone could tell. About half way through the movie, she woke up and sat on my lap attentively watching the movie. I've never seen behaviour like this from her since.

You see, somehow she got it into her head that it's ok to be scared of EVERYTHING. Shortly after our honeymoon period, she recessed into my Grandma's apartment and conveniently lived there for approximately 5 years. The only times she would venture out would be to
A) go to the litter pan
B) eat (whilst someone was stroking her)
C) get her treat at night before my Grandma and mom would go to bed.

Rotten cat.

I loved her too much i guess...

She learned the ways of evasion and persuasion. She is an expert at avoiding capture... and has learned that if she stops eating for enough days in a row, she will eventually get someone to have pity on her and stroke her back while she finally eats. In fact, before her best friend Scamper (heretofore known as *Ralph*) died two summers back, the two of them had complimentary eating disorders. Carina was anorexic and actually lost quite a bit of weight. She absolutely REFUSED to eat unless someone was petting her. And her deceased counterpart was bulimic. He would scarf his food so quickly that he would daily puke it back up. We tried to prevent this from happening by rationing out the food, but it didn't matter how much over how long of a period... at some point he would find it in himself to toss it all up. Consequently, Ralph was actually very sick... thus the reason he is no longer with us :(

Enter Sophie.

AKA "Quintessa" standing for the "5 S's" Sophie Stegasaurus ShapeShifter Slakes. That's right folks.

We thought that since Carina had always been overshadowed by Ralph in his alpha cat role, that bringing a kitten in would cause her to "step up" as it were and claim her territory. Quite the contrary occurred. Sophie came in and quickly made it clear that THAT was not happening. She dominated from the very beginning. In fact, she has taught Carina some good habits.

For instance, eating.

Yes, Carina eats now that Sophie has come on the scene. She still begs for the occasional back rub while mauing down on her kibble but for the most part shows forth a good appetite.

All my life I have wished to have an animal sleep with me. Whether it be a cat or a dog... um, yah, I'm gonna stick with those two because as I tried to think of what else I would want sleeping with me... there weren't any animals that actually came to mind. HA! Over the years I've had a total of 5 cats and 0 dogs. The latter will remain that way too. I have come to really dislike dogs. Actually let me clarify. I don't mind them. As long as they aren't mine, and as long as they don't LICK me. I HATE THEM LICKING ME!!! Well I finally have a cat that sleeps with me. She's pretty much adorable. But I am so allergic to her as I have indeed mentioned before.

I'm at the point where I seriously think that I will have to ban her from my beddie... it's sad I know... But I can't sacrifice my days (and eyesight) for a warm fluffy being in my bed. There has to be a better way :(

So now you know about my cats. Everytime I write something about them I feel more and more like a catlady. Could this be me if I don't find a husband ASAP??!?!?!?!?!?!!!

Something MUST BE DONE!!!


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