Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Mish Mash (autopost)

I saw this meme on someone else's blog (honestly can't remember who exactly) and I thought it was cool/fun/a good way to come up with more posts for while I'm gone!

So here we go, I will now write down all the things that are mishing and mashing through my head right now.

- If I'm hungry, then I should eat good food. But I'm not actually hungry since eating fast food for the first time in like 2 weeks... I feel that I should counteract it somehow. So I am eating blueberries.

- My laundry is severely overdue and I'm so glad I finally got the chance to get it done. It's been in my car for three days while I try to find a washing machine! (at least one I don't have to pay for)

- I just realized that my last bullet was in "real time" and since I'm posting as "future amanda" right now I need to keep this in context!

- I currently have 168 posts on this blog... hmmm should I start on a 200th post so that when it rolls around it will actually be worth reading?

- Do I need to start getting people to sign a release so that I can publish their photos on the blog?

- I found my name listed in an ancestry from the 1920 Federal Census. It says that I was born in 1880 in Savannah Georgia along with my brother Rob and we were both apparently "lodgers"

- I don't like how many times my name pops up in google

- why does my car get such crappy mileage when I have the bike on it?

- When the kids yell for me and ask me to split up their fight, how come none of them listen to me? I told them it's pointless for me to come in and yell if they're not even going to do what i'm yelling for them to do... they looked at me blankly and went back to fighting. I walked away.

- bananas naturally split into three parts if you push your thumb (or any finger really) up the end of it. I find this fascinating... and we call them "banana sticks"

- consequently the banana peels are now called "banana jackets" did you ever think that the man with the yellow hat on curious george looks like a banana? i have...

- I would like to know why my laptop only connects to certain wifi networks. It drives me freakin NUTS! Although, if it actually connected at my house, or the house I work at I would spend a whole heck of a lot more time blogging... haven't decided whether that's a good or bad thing yet...

If you have any answers to my questions feel free to answer. Or not...

Hopefully "future amanda" will be posting FOR REAL and you won't have to deal with these crazy ramblings for much longer


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Melissa July 7, 2008 at 7:16 AM  

You had way too much time on your hands before you left. :-D

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