Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Drama

To the best of my ability, I avoided drama as much as possible on this trip. For the most part I was successful, however, there is a slight exception...


That's right, we had been practicing our dramas for literally months before this trip and were finally able to perform them multiple times while there. This picture is of the entire Storyteller crew...

Storyteller is a powerful drama that outlines the characteristics of 5 major problems in many people's lives.

This one shows Fear and Anger.

The other 3 are Malady, Greed and Anxiety.

(Greed and Storyteller during the parable of the man who is forgiven much and then will not forgive those endebted to him)

Then we have our Storyteller, who is representative of Jesus. He tries all throughout the drama to show them how to give their pain and troubles away, but they continually push him away.

(Anger and Malady)

Finally, Storyteller takes on all of their troubles and they take on his countenance... Consequently, Storyteller dies...

Buuuuuut! Since this is a story about Jesus, we all know that he comes back to life! And when he does, he sends out all the characters who have taken on new names into the crowd where they call everyone to join in on the chorus... come follow me! come follow follow! Follow me! Come follow me!

If you don't know the actual music that goes with that, then I'm sure it doesn't sound exciting, but let me just tell you that almost every time I saw this drama performed down there I got chills... and i'm not a chills kinda person. It was especially moving at the prison that we visited...

Now, onto the second drama.

The Exchange

(3 of the demons and Satan to the far right. I was also one of the demons, but since I was taking the picture, i unfortunately am not in it!)

I think that the title is pretty explanatory, but I will detail it out a little more than that ;)

It starts out with Jesus coming onto the scene and creating Man and Woman. He shows them all the good things He has created, and then tells them that He loves them.

Enter Satan.

He comes in and tempts Man and Woman with the forbidden fruit. They eat it and then the whole drama takes on a techno disco evil turn. The demons are activated and move to creat a wall between Jesus and Man and Woman. They block every attempt for them to come back to Jesus.

After a short time of that, Jesus breaks through the "demon wall" and goes over to Man and Woman where he takes their chains off and puts them on himself. The demons then see Him in his weakness and proceed to beat him up completely... to the point of putting him on the Cross.

(as a side note, I am NOT i repeat NOT this evil in real life. it's all acting... *grin*)

Well you can all guess what happens after Jesus is on the Cross... ope ope you got it! He comes back to life! And when he does he pretty much demolishes the demons and then has an all out hand-to-hand fight with Satan. You wanna take a stab at who wins?

After the defeat of Satan, Jesus goes over and then makes the triumphant end with Man and Woman.

These dramas were one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. They were able to open up the hearts of the people and were able to communicate the gospel message in a way that nothing else can.

I hope that every time I get to go on a missions trip from here on out, i will be able to be with a team that can perform dramas... and a team that can do them as well as this one did!


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