Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm a happy girl!

I am sooooo happy that my new blog layout is finally up! and when I say finally i really mean like only a week. it really wasn't that long, i just get so excited about stuff and then it feels like forever!

I found Lex through Jaci and since she was doing very inexpensive makeovers at the time to get herself started I jumped at it! She has now raised the cost to $45 for an entire makeover and it is very worth it. She is fun to talk to and she literally did everything I wanted! You can find Lex at her BLOG Indellible Creations.

I was so happy to do this finally, i've been wanting to do a total renovation of my blog for a long time now... but since i'm only enrolled in the school of google... and it takes time to learn new things, such as html etc... I haven't been able to figure out enough to make it look anywhere near as cool as she did!

So thank you so much Lex! I totally love my new blog. You ROCK!


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BookMomma August 1, 2008 at 11:16 PM  

New layout rawks! I sorely need a facelift over at the Hotwheel Hacienda... green-eyed with jealousy over here!

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