Tuesday, July 15, 2008


We were able to hold 7 services in the 10 days that we were in Morelia. I honestly had no idea what that would look like before we went down, and it kind of made me a little nervous not knowing. However, I can say without any hesitation that if I were only able to do this kind of ministry for the rest of my life, that would be ok. It was effective, powerful and completely life-changing.

We went to three different towns surrounding Morelia. Charo, Huandacareo and Santiago. In each of the towns we held 2 services over the course of 2 days, and we held one other service at the prison in Morelia. Since it was dark out at the time of most of the services, I only have good pictures of the ministry time from Charo. So all of these pictures are from that town and the second night of minstry.

I received an email today from Tim, one of the team members that included a detailed account of MANY of the healings and miracles we experienced and saw while there. So as not to overwhelm you with the account, I have decided to include only the testimonies from Charo.

Here they are... please take the time to read through them. Even for me, reading them through again has built my faith in the power of God... it's truly amazing what He can do if we only ask...

"A man came up for prayer and coughed up a fishbone he had stuck in his throat for 2 weeks. He was planning on getting it removed at the hospital."

"A woman came up for prayer for diabetes/high blood pressure. God touched her, and she felt like a movement in her stomach. Her husband came up and received prayer. They were planning on a divorce after 20 years of marriage, and God reconciled their marriage in that moment."

"A woman came up for prayer, and it was discovered she had a spirit of infirmity. She was prayed for on Friday with limited results. Sunday she came back and was delivered."

"A man received prayer for middle back pain. He was wasting his money on drugs and alcohol, and was led in a prayer of repentance for wasting God’s resources. After that, the Holy Spirit healed his back immediately!"

"A man brought some team members to his house, where his mother was on her deathbed. When they arrived, she was in the fetal position on a bed, could not talk, and could not move her arms. She was paralyzed on her right side from a stroke. When they prayed, the atmosphere in the house immediately changed, and she was awake and alert. She was able to have limited movement in her arm. Two days later, some of us returned to her house, and she was awake and alert, and had no more paralysis. We prayed and spoke life to their home, and she started smiling, laughing, and even talking! She asked for several team members to sit on the bed, and she was holding their hands and full of the joy of the Lord. She started to hold herself up in a sitting position, and did not want us to leave. Her son was a very angry man, and he was baptized in the love of God. When we left, the son was laughing, smiling, and hugging all of us (he was intimidated by us before), and the woman was full of joy and sitting up in bed!"

"On Friday in Charo, about 10 people gave their lives to the Lord after the outdoor service. On Sunday, an additional 10 or more people received the Lord!"

"A man received prayer who had a wounded and badly infected foot on Friday. He was in much pain every time he walked on it. On Sunday, he came back and with joy told us he had walked a mile to get to the service that day, and had no pain at all in his foot."

A few days after we had visited Charo, the pastor came to see us at the church. His name was Pastor Reuben and he gave us the testimony of what was happening in that town as a result of the team coming and God moving. His church (which only had about 20 members) had more than doubled in a few days time. Over 100 people had come to a saving knowledge of Jesus! He had more people to visit and disciple than he could handle, and he told us that in those 2 days of minstry, there was more work done than in the 15 years he had been working in that town! The Lord is faithful to those who sew their lives into His work!

This lady was one of the people that I made a special connection with. God touched her emotionally and spiritually and healed her on the inside. She recommitted her life to the Lord and I was just so moved by the change that was happening inside of her.

I am so thankful to have witnessed all these miracles... in lives and in people's bodies. Truly unbelievable. My very favorite testimony of healing happened our last night there in Santiago. There was a lady with brain cancer and she had horrible pain as a result. Also her hair was falling out in large patches. The hair wasn't falling out because of chemo but as a side effect of the cancer. A few of the girls were praying for her, and that God would heal her, and she felt the pain go away and when she was feeling her head, she noticed that there was hair where there hadn't been. I SAW IT! It was completely BALD in like huge 3 inch patches and HAIR WAS GROWING THERE! By the time we left, the hair had grown to almost 2 inches long in those spots!

I know that it is unusual to hear about this kind of thing... especially here in the States. I hope that reading this (no matter where you come from) encourages and builds your faith in the miraculous. God is in the business of changing people's lives, and He can change yours too... All you have to do is ASK...


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