Friday, January 23, 2009

13 years ago...

our family changed forever.

And although it happened sooner than we would have liked, the fact remains, today is their birthday.

The idea of having twins in our family was one of the most exciting things I could think of. The word twin simply defines the relationship between two people born on the same day. Little did I know that each of these two babies born that day would become so very unique and individual.

To think that they are 13 today makes me kinda freak out on the inside a little! I now have 2 teenage nieces and 1 teenage nephew... should I feel old? They are older than I was when they were born after all... :)

Raelynn, you are a sweetheart. I wish so much that I could see you more often, but the time we get together is more than I could ask for.

You are a beautiful girl with so many amazing talents inside of you. I pray that you will know God and let him help you as you go through the rest of your growing up years and beyond.

Robbie, I'm so thankful to have had you in my life for so many years. One of the best parts of becoming an aunt so young is getting to grow up with you :)

You are such a good boy and I can tell that you are growing up to be an amazing man. That's right! You have a heart of gold and that's hard to find. Don't ever forget how special you are to me and this family.

I love you both so much! I hope you have a wonderful birthday with all of your friends... now that the house is clean ;)


2 extraordinary comments:

G. January 23, 2009 at 3:16 PM  

How cute they are! I remember your mom always saying how Kole reminded her of Robbie when he was little. :)

Amy Fichtner January 24, 2009 at 11:16 AM  

Awww Happy Birthday!! I too am a twin, I have a twin brother;)

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