Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 random things

So, I've been tagged no less than 4 times for the same meme on facebook, so i decided I would do it... and then i decided to post it on here. Besides, i'm interested to see if i actually CAN come up with 25 things about me... and still keep it mildly interesting...

1. i hate (and when I say hate, i mean LOOOOOOOOOOOOAAATTHHHEEEE!) cold weather

2. i don't feel the need to use proper punctuation, or capitalization when emailing, blogging, or anything related to the internet. i will use commas if i want, and if i don't feel like it then gosh darn it, i won't

3. im a nanny and i very often think to myself that i do not want to have kids of my own... but then i'll be putting one of em to bed and as i lay down for a little cuddling, i realize that all the whining and annoying things they can do are totally erased with a little reminder of how precious they are... i will totally be having kids one day... maybe just not one day soon :)

4. we have propane space heaters in a few rooms in my house. so instead of cranking the thermostat, i shut myself in one of the rooms and turn on the heater. last night the final resting temperature before i left for my cold bedroom was 95 degrees

5. with that said, i was born for a tropical climate

6. i always wanted to be good at playing a musical instrument... turns out i'm not

7. i like things to be in order. and if they can't be in order, then it ends up being mass chaos. i'm trying to learn how to find a middle ground

8. i have 3 brothers, 2 sister-in-laws, 3 nieces, 4 nephews, 2 parents, and no more living grandparents

9. i love getting phone calls. even from people that call me all the time

10. I've been to 4 foreign countries in the last 2 years

11. i don't know how to drive a stick and i don't care to learn

12. I have had my hair many different colors over the years, but this is the first time i have liked a color enough to actually maintain it by doing my roots EVERY 4 WEEKS! ps i do it myself because going to a salon to get it done would be KUH-RAZYYY!

13. i love eating black olives straight out of the can14. same with garbanzo beans

15. when i was little, my mom didn't trust me with chapstick because i would eat it

16. i learned how to type with a typing program when i was little but never got any good at it until i got email when i was 13

17. i like photography. but only a little bit

18. my favorite color is the rainbow

19. i hate hannah montana. but i like miley cyrus

20. i always have wished that i could have traded places with my brothers and been born first so i would have baby brothers and sisters... but then i realize i would be like 38 and i'm ok with 24 right now...

21. i love stuff that has turtles on it. but i don't so much care for actual real live turtles

22. i want to learn more about middle eastern cultures, that part of the world fascinates me

23. i've never been one to shower everyday... and i probably never will

24. i love dvr's, they save SO much time. i feel like my tv watching is far more purposeful wen i can watch a pre-recorded show... no stupid commercials!

25. i think that i would secretly like to be an interior designer


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